Bill & Hillary: adrift in a sea of moral chaos

In our world of thoroughly corrupt and shameless journalism in the mainstream media, the pig-headedness of the talking head pundits on television, the clunky prose of pedestrian hacks in magazines that once carried in print masters of prose, such as Gay Talese and Tom Wolfe, we can still find pleasure in reading the inestimable Mark Steyn. Here is Steyn on the state of American politics, as he reflects on how his adopted country has slid down the slippery slope into the pigsty of corruption in hatching the Clintons that, indeed, insults the pigs. Here is Steyn:…/laws-are-for-the-little-people

Over the weekend I read Christopher Hitchens “No One Left to Lie To” about the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary. It first came out in 1999 and soon after I read it, since reading Hitchens was, and remains, as much of a pleasure as it is in reading Steyn. I went back to Hitchens to refresh my memory about the Clintons, and there is no better book on the Clintons and that decade than Hitchens expose about these two incorrigibly corrupt couple. It should be read by all who have not read Hitchens forensic take down of the Clintons and after reading Hitchens know why anyone today, especially the #NeverTrumpers and their echo chambers in Canada, are in effect no better than the Clintons in supporting Hillary’s campaign, and pleading ignorance is not a defense.

 Bill and Hillary are the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics. They personify the reptilian in politics: no soul, no warmth, not a smidgen of conscience. Their politics, or Clintonism, as Hitchens labeled it and wrote, “poisons everything it touches.” Everything about them is for sale; everything around them is for stealing; every word they utter is drained of meaning and, as Bill famously or notoriously said, it depends “upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

 Bill’s life has been one unending bimbo eruption, and Hillary while keeping her sham marriage going talks about standing up for women. Hillary talks about the need for curtailing the 2nd Amendment in defending toddlers from accidental gun deaths, while at the same time she is all for Planned Parenthood and partial-birth abortion. If enough Americans have conscience, have regard for life irrespective of what faith they belong to, and believe that a civilization that engages in or allows for the murder of infants, setting aside the false debate over when life begins, is doomed, then on this issue alone Hillary should be contemptuously repudiated on November 8.

 It is incomprehensible to me how anyone, especially the Quislings who go under the hashtag of #NeverTrumpers, argue with a straight face that Hillary and Obama are right on Syria, right on the need to defend the children of Syria from Bashar Assad and the ISIS, or children anywhere under peril in war or natural calamity when at home they keep the slaughter house of Planned Parenthood open and the abortion factories continue the war against unborn infants in America.

 Am I mistaken to consider that there is cosmic karma, that the ethics of cause and effect cannot be nullified by fallen men and women, and that even the most powerful and the most wealthy among nations, as among individuals, must answer to crimes and held accountable?

 As I look back on American history, it seems to me that cosmic judgment works in its own time and those discerning might notice that the U.S. began to lose wars, as Trump might well say, once Americans made it legal to abort the unborn among them.

 Is it a mere coincidence that Roe v. Wade passed in 1973 had an effect on the outcome of the Vietnam War, and that since the Vietnam War Americans have fought in vain wherever they have sent their soldiers?

Could it be that cosmic karma is in effect, that God of the unborn infants cannot favour and will not favour a nation, or a people, that goes to slumber with their conscience numb while abortion factories remain open?

I think not.

 And I think, nay believe, that a nation that elects Hillary will be adrift in a sea of moral chaos as the effects of cosmic karma play out for all to witness what happens when the natural order of life and universe is violated.


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