On Friday, January 20, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America.


Kudos to President-elect Trump for inviting—despite mounting threats and opposition — two members of the Knesset, and mayors of towns in Judea and Samaria to his inauguration. This is a gesture shown for the first time ever by any US president.

Also, he is to be commended for requesting that the statue of Churchill that President Obama rejected be returned to the White House in recognition of the US-UK relationship.

Trump’s election is a sea change in a world gone berserk!

He is rough-edged and tough-talking, but he tells it like it is. Among other things, he has pointed out that the borders are out of control, and that America has turned its back on its allies in the Middle East, both Israel and the conservative Sunni-dominated regimes. And he believes Iran is truly a threat to world peace.

Yes, Trump is not an “English gentleman” or a polite Canadian.  He is, as some call him, a “blue collar billionaire”.  And he is a friend of Israel!

We are confident that he will not feed Israel to the wolves, but will do his best to protect the State of Israel and any other threatened democracy.  He realizes that Israel has a historic, special relationship with the United States, based on common values and common foes.

None of us can be sure that President Trump will be for the Jews and Israel what Cyrus the Great was in his time. Trump may stumble, he may falter, he may make mistakes, but like Churchill, he will not give up the fight for justice for the West and its allies.

We, at Mozuud, wish Mr. Trump the strength and the wherewithal to withstand and overcome the obstacles facing him in governing the United States of America according to the values put forth during his arduous but successful campaign.  We hope he will be able to overcome the roadblocks brought to his door, and go from strength to strength.

Inauguration Day is not only President Trump’s first day but also the last day for Barak Obama.  For those of you who wish to read an excellent and incisive article about the results and implications of the eight Obama years in office, I would highly recommend one by our Mozuud Fellow, Professor Salim Mansur, recently published by The Gatestone Institute.  Here you are

We look forward with you to the next four years, and perhaps eight, that will lead to a strengthening of America, the democracies of the world, and the State of Israel.


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